Application for Admittance to the
Fundamentals of Enginnering (FE) Examination

The following instructions will assist you in completing your application for the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination. Proper attention to details will help avoid delays in processing and will expedite final review of your application. Failure to completely and properly fill out the application form will not only cause delays but may result in the inability to qualify you for the FE examination.

Who Is Eligible to Apply

Applicants must be:

  • A graduate of a four-year engineering program of the Istanbul Technical University (ITU), or
  • A student who is currently enrolled in a four-year engineering program at ITU. Senior status is defined as having attained sufficient academic credits that the applicant expects to be awarded a bachelor of engineering or science degree in engineering within 12 months of the administration of the FE exam.

Processing of Applications

Through an Exam Administration Agreement between the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) and Istanbul Technical University (ITU), eligible candidates will complete and file their applications and any ITU application related fees with ITU. ITU will provide assistance to candidates as needed to complete the applications and prequalify applicants. Those deemed to have satisfied the requirements for seating for the examination will be notified by ITU and directed to the NCEES website to register for the exam. Qualified applicants must complete the on-line registration process in order to be seated for the examination. Approximately three weeks prior to the exam administration date, applicants who have registered through the NCEES website will be able to log in to the NCEES website and print a copy of their admission notice to gain entrance to the exam site.

Inquiries about application materials and ITU required fees must be forwarded to:

Elif Özkara Canfes, Associate Professor
ITU Coordinator
Faculty of Sciences and Letters,Department of Mathematics,Istanbul Technical University
34469 Maslak, Istanbul Turkey
Office No: B1-317, Email:, Telephone: 90 (212) 285-3271

Güneş Karabulut Kurt, Associate Professor
Assistant of ITU Coordinator
Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering,Istanbul Technical University
34469 Maslak, Istanbul Turkey
Office No: 3213 , Email:, Telephone: 90 (212) 285-3509


The total fee for the FE exam is US $225 and is due and payable at the time of the on-line registration. The fee covers registration for the exam, the administration of the exam, and the scoring of the exam and distribution of the results and related materials.

Application Deadlines

As of January 1, 2014, the FE exams will only be offered year-round as computer based exam at Pearson VUE (PV) approved test centers. Learn more here (link:

Exam Results

NCEES will provide ITU with written notification of an applicant’s exam results. ITU will provide candidates with their exam results. This information will also be retained by NCEES and available for confirmation upon written request by the candidate, ITU, or a Member Board of NCEES. All exam results will be reported as pass or fail and no numerical scores will be provided.